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Furry.dk offers a free and secure Jabber service that anyone can use by registering an account through your favorite chat client.

➛ furry.dk

It is also possible to connect through our onion service:

➛ furry2qjzzrewouo.onion

In order to configure a Jabber client, you need this information:

Protocol: jabber or xmpp

Account: username@furry.dk

Our Jabber server requires a secure SSL/TLS connection and will only support the newest version, currently v1.2 and forward secure ciphers. The certificate will always be issued by Letsencrypt. Here is the certificate fingerprints you should expect:

SHA256: AF:87:BF:E5:85:D3:FD:A6:90:EF:4A:3A:06:DE:4E:43:05:57:D3:B7:92:AA:A2:1A:83:F3:83:C3:88:FD:5C:CD SHA256 Fingerprint

SHA1: BC:12:B9:1A:17:53:77:82:9A:67:41:CA:5C:6D:73:08:9E:83:B5:AA SHA1 Fingerprint

Finally, this server has a special quirk. It forces communication to be OTR encrypted, thus cleartext messages between clients is impossible. The wonderful people at Riseup and OTR.im have developed a prosody plugin to achieve mandatory OTR communication.

What clients to use?

Have a look at this list.

What we CAN see?

  • Your username and SHA1 hash of the password are stored on the server.
  • vCard if you supply one.
  • Your IP address. To avoid this, use our Tor hidden service.
  • Offline messages. Any messages you send to an offline contact will be stored encrypted on the server until the contact shows up.
    • Encrypted content (OTR).
    • Destination contact address.
    • Timestamp of the message.
  • Your roster. For each contact:
    • Jabber address (ex: random.t@furry.dk)
    • Name of the contact (if set)
    • Group (if any)

What we DO NOT see?

  • Message content. Mandatory OTR makes it that we can't read content.
  • No logs thus nothing our prosody server could usually tell us.
  • We don't keep any timing metadata such as when you connect or disconnect.

Note on clients

Pidgin version 2.10.11 or newer is required as this is the first version supporting TLS v1.2. Ubuntu PPA instructions. Remember to add the OTR plugin and to genereate your OTR key.

Android v4.4.2 is first version to support TLS v1.2. Check out Conversations and Chatsecure


This service is provided for free and without any support, guarantees or free biscuits. However, in case of usual suggestions we can be reached on xmpp: admin@[this domain].